Social Media Support

When talking about social media I think it helpful to be clear whether one is talking about the infrastructure i.e. the platforms or whether talking about the activity of communicating over those platforms

Like the telephone and email, the social media are communications tools and as such should be an integral part of the business’ processes. Yet there will be circumstances like a lack of resources or in-house knowledge, where there is no option but to outsource.

However, the activity of communicating should never be outsourced. A key aim of your social communication strategy should be the building and maintenance of a relationship with your customer; and authenticity is fundamental to that endeavour. You cannot create a relationship vicariously by proxy: you might recall how that turned out for Cyrano de Bergerac in the play of the same name.

Just as a company will outsource the maintenance of their telephone system or perhaps engage an agency to manage their email marketing campaigns, so there are elements of social media that you can outsource.

We can provide support with:

Social Media Programme Planning
Social Media training
Blog content creation
Campaign management, monitoring and measurement


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