Reputation Management

Your reputation is your brand, your brand is your reputation – if you are not managing it others are.

Google Search

If you are not being proactive on the net, at best you are invisible, at worse your reputation is in the hands of others: a disgruntled customer or employee, a competitor, anyone could be posting negative comments about you right now. If it is on a high profile site it could have a serious and immediate impact on your business; but even if the site is not high profile that negative review could be there forever.

Of course it is possible, up to a point, to manipulate how you are found and therefore perceived on the web through Search Engine Optimisation, but I contend you should be building your business on something far more tangible and long-lasting i.e. your good name and reputation.

I will help you take control of your reputation. If you are a new start up I will help you develop it; if you are already attracting negative reviews I will help you regain control.

I will do that by working with you to ensure your product or service is fit for purpose and that you have congruence between your communications, actions, beliefs and values. My aim is to help you create loyal customers, raving fans who will be your unpaid sales team.

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