Tony Champion As…

…Customer Experience Consultant

I have had the privilege to work with Tony who helped us to boost our customer experience to an unrivaled level in a very complex, mature and competitive market. He proved that he has an outstanding knowledge of marketing, online reputation management and customer care, together with true coaching skills.

I would describe Tony as one of those few people that you’ll be grateful to have met for many years to come.

Martin Hall, Director, Drivalia Car Rental S.L. Alicante, Spain

…Business Mentor

When we first started working with Tony we had reached a crossroads with our business and needed to decide how we should take it forward and in what direction we wanted our business  to go.  Tony has been an invaluable business mentor providing us with a sounding board; helping us to determine the best strategy for our businesses; helping us clarify our goals and aims and ensuring we then did what we said we’d do!  We made much tougher decisions because of the support and guidance we received from Tony and are now starting to see the benefits of the changes he helped us to implement.  We have no hesitation in recommending Tony to any company who is serious about taking their business forward.

Mandy Wallace

If you are in business and a change is looming, Tony is just the person to have on board.  His years of experience as a business owner has made him an invaluable source of experience that I could tap into and run ideas past.

As a positive thinker he not only generates enthusiasm he passes it on to you.  A tip top Devils advocate player makes him an excellent sounding board for all my business ideas and next move strategies.

He has been an immense help to me in the formation of my business and marketing plans.  The next move has got to be yours, if you need him on board.

It’s the best move I’ve made!

Sue Rose

Before I met Tony I was finding it very difficult to concentrate my mind on building up my … business, and didn’t know which way to turn.  Tony has really changed things for me – he has taught me techniques to help me focus in on what is really important, to prioritise my tasks accordingly, and to give myself realistic deadlines to get things done.  He has helped me get my Work/Life Balance right.    I find I have a renewed confidence and feel much more in control of what I am doing and where I am going.  I can now look into the future and see myself as the success I want to be.

Johanna Donne

…Public Speaking Coach

Hello Tony,

I just wanted to send you a brief email to thank you again for your help the other day.

I remember how nervous I was standing up in front of all those people to give a 1 minute presentation and thinking that I could never stand up in front of a group of people to deliver a presentation for 1 hour (which I had to do).

When we met, you were able to “get inside my mind” and teach me ways of overcoming these “fears”. I am glad to say that it worked and I was ok on the day. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to you.


Chris King

…Performance Coach

Dear Tony,

I wish to express my thanks for your help with boosting my confidence and avoiding the painful headaches that were associated.

After our session I had an intense period of study followed by delivery of training that would normally have resulted in intense headaches in the days preceding the training event.
Amazingly this time I did not suffer from any headaches at all, despite the fact the training session in question had a larger content for a longer duration.  I managed to run through all the preparation methodically without the normal feelings of pressure, and finally the training was delivered smoothly without problems.
Thank you so much for your help, the headaches were extremely worrying and I am amazed that such a big project that I was dreading didn’t produce the normal fear and severe headaches.

With kindest regards

Elaine Code