5 Elements of a Good Story

Last time I wrote about the importance of telling your story in order to make an emotional connection with your customers or guests. I have just read an article giving you 5 elements of storytelling that you could use in your marketing. In summary the 5 elements are: Passion –Your story must be appealing, personal … Continue reading 5 Elements of a Good Story


Let me tell you a story

I wrote recently that branding is all about the experience that your customers have with your organisation: how you make them feel is what they will remember the most. Naturally you want them to feel good so that not only will they return but they will also bring others with them. I believe that the best … Continue reading Let me tell you a story

How to stay relevant for your customers

In our new interconnected world, Brian Vellmure  poses an interesting question, specifically: In a world where access to almost anyone and anything is available from almost anywhere…and in many cases will be automatically recommended… How will you continually create value in [a] constantly evolving complex network? Your customers are probably more clued up about your … Continue reading How to stay relevant for your customers