Tony HeadshotThank you for stopping by. Before I tell you about me let me tell you about you.

About You

You are the owner of a small business. You employ between 1 and 10 people and your turnover is less than £2 million.

You are probably working harder than is good for you and you are  not spending as much time with your family as you want to.

There are never enough hours in the day, you often feel as though you cannot see the wood for the trees and it seems to be a never-ending task to recruit new customers.

You are me, or as I once was.

Things changed once I learnt how to put the customer at the centre of my business.

Today, even more than ever, business is not about selling to customers but it is about helping people buy. Afterall, in the web-connected world, by the time the prospective customer (the lead) has got to you, they have researched your product or service on Google, You Tube and asked their whole social media world for information and advice, not to mention everyone on review sites, and they have sold to themselves.

About Me

I help small biz owners create a business that attracts profitable customers who love what you do and who cannot stop themselves referring you to their entire network of friends, family and business colleagues. Yes, that’s an army of sales people working for free!

By adopting a mindset that focusses on creating a positive customer experience I believe that the small business owner will attract customers and employees who share their values. Ultimately this will increase customer retention, reduce the cost of acquiring new customers, and enhance employee engagement. All of which of course will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

In one role or another I have spent over 30 years in the tourism industry and for 16 of those I was managing director of the successful, specialist tour operator, Magic of the Orient. We sold the company to First Choice Group plc (now Tui) in 2005.  The brand has since been integrated within the company’s wider portfolio.

I believe in the power of small businesses to create a fairer society and I believe it is hugely important that such businesses thrive and survive. Hence I am focussed on helping and supporting such enterprises.

I am a qualified teacher with an honours degree in psychology, an accredited Life Coach, and a NLP Master Practitioner with a diploma in Performance Coaching. I also have experience as a volunteer Business Mentor working mainly with Start Ups.

Since an ex-girlfriend, now my wife (it’s a long story!) loaned me a book on body language I have been fascinated by human psychology and that is what took me off to university all those years ago. Today I continue to be a student of human behaviour and I am especially interested in the customer experience and consumer behaviour. Specifically I help business owners focus on what I believe truly matters in creating profitable relationships: customer needs, the buying journey, the customer experience, and the Return On Investment, regardless of channels.


N.B. ChampionCRM is a trading style of Tony Champion.