5 Elements of a Good Story

Last time I wrote about the importance of telling your story in order to make an emotional connection with your customers or guests.

I have just read an article giving you 5 elements of storytelling that you could use in your marketing.

In summary the 5 elements are:

Passion –Your story must be appealing, personal and original. If you want it to be important to your audience, it needs to be important to you.

Hero – Every story needs a hero in order to earn audience buy-in. If that hero is an underdog, all the better. People love to root for the underdog.

Antagonist – What is the threat faced by your hero?

Awareness – What did the hero learn? What’s that Eureka moment when the hero knew what he had to do?

Transformation –This is the point at which your hero emerges victorious. He learned something, or he overcame a challenge

If you have a good story to tell your customers will happily pass it on for you – for free.


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