Six types of brand advocate

In his book Brand Advocates-Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a powerful Marketing force  Rob Fuggetta discusses the importance of your brand advocates in today’s cynical market place.

According to the Dachis Group, brand advocacy is defined as “the activation of people who are, or could be, passionate enough to engage on behalf of the brand and ultimately expand the customer base.” And “while advocates make up only .001% of a brand’s social subscribers, they’re responsible for 5.3% of a brand’s total signal and for starting 8.3% of all company related discussions.”

A new infographic from the Dachis Group  explains exactly how brand advocates deliver value to a business and it defines six of the most common brand advocate archetypes.


Understanding the behavioural traits of your brand advocates will help you know when and how to deploy them as a marketing force.

In summary, the 6 types of brand advocates and the implications for you are:

Brand Ambassador — “elite customers” who advocate for a brand through their daily routine.

You: Harness their passion and give them the right tools to spread the word about you.

Brand Activist — social advocates who take their brand promotion offline to the “real world.”

You: Encourage them to get involved in the brand experience through events and other “buzz building” activities.

Marketing Partner — these advocates want to actively participate in generating marketing ideas.

You: Provide them with the public platform to share their ideas.

Licensed Informants — advocates with specific knowledge they use in conjunction with their advocacy.

You: Officially recognise them and engage them in a support role for peer-based shopping and buying.

Reputation Managers — passionate individuals who will go online to defend a brand when its reputation is publicly damaged or questioned.

You: Proactively rally them in preparation for, or during, a crisis; and arm them with critical and exclusive information.

Customer Service Rep — Brands recruit these advocates to fill actual business roles.

You: Incentivise their formal involvement in a customer service support role.

How are you using brand advocates in your organisation? If you aren’t,  contact me now and let’s discuss how you could be using one of your greatest assets.


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