How to stay relevant for your customers

In our new interconnected world, Brian Vellmure  poses an interesting question, specifically:

In a world where access to almost anyone and anything is available from almost anywhere…and in many cases will be automatically recommended…
How will you continually create value in [a] constantly evolving complex network?

Your customers are probably more clued up about your marketplace than you are because they spend time searching and comparing offers. You on the other hand are, in all probability, too busy focussed on the here and now: a server crash here or an HR issue there.

Certainly with a Tweet or a forum post they can receive recommendations, opinions and even competitive offers within moments.

Brian doesn’t specifically answer the question in his article but I believe he hints at a solution when he says: “the concept of competing and winning may simply be outdated”.

I would say that this is indeed the case and it is more that people and businesses (the successful ones at any rate) are cooperating to create value. This is of course the premise of “social business” which can be defined as:

An organization that has put in place the strategies, technologies and processes to systematically engage all the individuals of its ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, suppliers) to maximize the co-created value.

In short then by utilising the “complex network” to its advantage a company can continue to create value because it is engaging and cooperating with its stakeholders to everyone’s mutual benefit.



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