Tune in to WII-FM and get yourself noticed

Traditionally marketing focuses on broadcasting a message to an audience in the hope that their attention will be captured. In theory the message could reach a lot of people but the problem with this approach is that now more than ever before it is possible for the prospect to ignore that message. They might not even be aware of it as it gets lost in all of the other noise.

Sorry to break it to you but your customers don’t care that you have just completed a room refurbishment: they don’t care that you have launched a new tour; they don’t care that you have changed the menu; they don’t care you have won an award.

A more effective approach, and the one that I prefer, is to focus on the audience, to put yourself in their shoes, understand their problems and pain points. This is where having your buyer’s profile comes in handy (more on that later).

What information or content can you send or publish that will represent value to them?

They will only read your communication if the answer to one fundamental question is obvious and positive namely: What’s In It For Me?

It’s harsh I know but they only care about the benefits to them.

A regular guest with back problems will want to know that you have memory mattresses in your recently refurbished rooms.

A twitcher will want to know that they might see a rare bird on your new tour.

A gastronome will be keen to try the new menu created by a Michelin star chef.

Your team will be interested in the latest award if their contribution is recognised.

When creating your blog content, your website page, your newsletter you should always be tuned into your customer’s favourite station: WII-FM.


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